Optimus Dolus is a guild in FallenSword made 12th april.We are a friendly guild, but when someone DEAR try to attack us, they'd wish they never joined fallensword, neither lived.This forum will tell you whatever you need to know about this guild.Happy Fig
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 The Optimus Dolus History

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Optimus Dolus History

It began with the orb named ''The Od'' , formed like a rune with rune letters scratched in it.
''The Od'' were hided on a ice berg of a mysterious man called ''Dolus'', it was he who created ''The Od''. The orb needed to be cold all the time or else it had been transformed to a army that would kill everything or everyone who oposed them. ''Dolus'' were afraid if that happened cause they could have destroyed the whole world, include him self! But if that happened, the orb had to come in touch with its other orb part! The parts where splitted , or else this destruction could have happened.
The other part were placed by ''Dolus'' to, on a sunny island , not very far from were the ice berg were. One day the ice berg began to smelt , and it began to move the same way as the sunny island is! The parts began to feel eachothers aura, and they flyed to the sky to try to come in touch with eachother. ''Dolus'' felt that the orbs where very near eachother and had to fly to find out what happened. He saw two small light items flying in the sky and moved towards eachother, and then he found out that it was the ''Od's'' orbs! He flyed as fast as he could to stop the two orbs... and he nearly did. The orbs where to strong for him , so he got a part in the transformation. The orbs include ''Dolus'' transformed into a big light, what should have been a dark light, but because of ''Dolus' '' part in the transformation , the dark light could have been transformed into a shiny light. A big island raised from the sea while the light transformed. Suddenly , a horde of light fled in the sky! ''Dolus'' became the leader , new'ly named Methus, or Methus666, of the new order/guild named ''Optimus Dolus''. Optimus means ''Immortal'', and Dolus was the ''Grand Name'' of the leader of the guild. They where only a few survivors while they where in the transformation. Many of them died cause they werent meant to be a group of light, They were supposed to be destructors of the world. They started to make their home town on the island raised from the sea, to let people sailed beside the island, see that there were a town they could join to make a new legion. Of course, the sailors and people couldnt know that there were any legion that were going to be started, but they accepted to be recruited to the army , to defend their self for all who oposed them... So now we Optimus Dolians still live. Like the name of the guild means. Immortal Dolus ..
We will move forth and recruit people to join our order to face our rivals face to face. We are currently recruiting, so if you want to be a part of our Immortal army, talk to our leader Methus666, and you are 66% guaranteed to join our guild.

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The Optimus Dolus History
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