Optimus Dolus is a guild in FallenSword made 12th april.We are a friendly guild, but when someone DEAR try to attack us, they'd wish they never joined fallensword, neither lived.This forum will tell you whatever you need to know about this guild.Happy Fig
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 About the guild

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About Optimus Dolus

This guild was created on the 12 of april 2007 by slapalot72 and genevive82. The guild had grown strong and was triving.....but they didn't heat the saying "power corups the spirit" so they had given too much power to one player......Corupted by the power he hungered for more...and so the guild concuil fragile balance in power has began unbalanced...and so the guild has shatered......From mai 2008 the gf and cf acounts have beed teminated for unknown reasons....and i bacame the gf...Now learning from previous mistakes we are consolidating a new powerful guild with a strong guild concil......and we hope to achive greatness once again.
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About the guild
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